Telemedicine Videos

Mobile Telemedicine at Simhastha Kumbh-Mela at Ujjain
Tele-Consultation Urology


Tele-Education Microbiology
Tele-Followup Endocrine Surgery
Tele-Followup Endocrine Surgery with Sub-Titles
mHealth4U Portal Suitcase and Backpack
ICU Monitoring
Mobile Telemedicine System
Mobile Telemedicine System

Medical Videos (Gastroenterology)

Prof. Uday C Ghoshal;Management of IBS
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: The Past, The Present And The Future
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; Antral metal senting
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; Technique and interpretation of 24 h impedance pH monitoring
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; Esophageal manometry
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; Percutaneous endoscopy gastrostomy
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; management of ulcerative colitis
Prof Uday C Ghoshal; Biliary metal stenting

Public Awareness Videos

Endosurgery (English)
Endosurgery (Hindi)
Diabetic FootCare
Symptoms of Breast Cancer.
Diabetic Video
Fruit for Diabetics
Story Telling