CollabDDS: Collaborative Digital Diagnosis System provides an integrated online environment to visualise medical and dental images for diagnosis and treatment planning. Remote Health Centres can be connected to expert radiologists and doctors in Centres of Excellence, by suitable tools and channel for data transmission and diagnosis. CollabDDS also provides the experts a common platform to collaborate. CollabDDS will also enable the design and fabrication of orthodontic e-models, custom implants, prostheses and surgical instruments using CAD models created from X-ray/CT images. The repository of images with annotations by experts can also be used for education and research purposes. Data, including digitised X-rays, CT images, diagnosis and 3D models is huge, and difficult to transmit through the conventional networks. The high-bandwidth and low-latency capability of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) provides the ideal platform for this project. This model project has been funded by the National Knowledge Network.

Pilot Implementation of CollabDDS

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Details of shortlisted PHC/CHC/DH for CollabDDS Online Radiology Services (CORS)

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"Workshop on CORS - CollabDDS Online Radiological Services"