PROJECT ILBS – ECHO: Multiplying Capacities in Healthcare

PROJECT ILBS – ECHO: Multiplying Capacities in Healthcare Reaching out to underserved populations in healthcare is a huge challenge for both developed and underdeveloped nations. Healthcare providers are unevenly distributed geographically, concentrating mostly in urban and metropolitan regions, leaving out vast gaps in semi-urban and rural areas. Providing specialist care is even more challenging than providing primary care, due to obvious reasons. This is despite the fact that the demand for specialist care is high even in underserved populations.Physicians providing care in rural and isolated areas frequently care for patient populations with high rates of illness, including complex, chronic illnesses that they may not be fully equipped to treat effectively. In fact, the lack of access to high-quality specialty care services is often a major problem, particularly for uninsured.
To overcome this challenge, ILBS-ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) has been created with goal to augment & further update the knowledge & skills of the clinicians in primary health care as well as those in teaching medical colleges across the country so that not only they themselves but also the doctors & others getting trained under them become self-sufficient in treating & managing the various liver & allied diseases efficiently &effectively and subsequently are able to monitor outcomes. Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi has is initiated this educational program for maximizing delivery of healthcare education and improve patient care in India. Through the use of information technology, best practice protocols and co-management of case based learning; rural and semi urban physicians will be able to deliver Hepatitis care that is safe, effective and comparable to the best as is being given in a tertiary care health facility such as ILBS.