Indian Luminal Motility Intestine NeuroGastroenterology Academy (ILUMINA) 

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Next session is going to be held on 9th April at 1:30 PM

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Though medical education in India is traditionally known to be quite high in standard, currently this standard has become too heterogeneous. Moreover, with modernization, clinical skills are taking backseats in the era of high-tech investigative facilities. Indian medical education also faces a limitation due to lack of adequate research training from the graduate standard. To overcome some of these limitations, the School of Telemedicine and Biomedical Informatics with support from the telemedicine division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India undertake this remote PAN-Indian teaching initiative. The session will be broadly classified into four categories:

1. Clinical skills
2. Research Methodology
3. GI physiology and Molecular Biology
4. Single theme topics
These sessions are expected to benefit MD (Medicine, Pediatrics), DNB (Medicine, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology), DM (Gastroenterology) students at large and some topics are also expected to benefit MS, M.Ch students in surgical gastroenterology.

Current Schedule Topics

Bedside approach to abdominal lump
Bedside approach to cholestatic jaundice
Bedside approach to dysphagia
Bedside approach to ascites
Bedside approach to chronic diarrhea
Bedside approach to chronic constipation
Bedside approach to gastric outlet obstruction