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  • Case of Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma with Left IJV & Brachio Cephalic Invasion with Tumour Thrombus with Lateral Compartment LN Metastasis
  • Surgery: Total Thyroidectomy + Central & Lateral Compartment LN Dissection + Extraction of IJV Tumour Thrombus/ Excision of IJV along with Thrombus , Cervical + Mediastinal Approach with Median Sternotomy

  • Case of MEN2B ( B/L Pheochromocytoma + MTC)- B/L Adrenalectomy and Subtotal thyroidectomy
  • Case of Occult PTC- presented as lateral lymph node swelling and normal thyroid- Total thyroid + CCLND + MRND
  • Case of locally invasive FTC-  Total thryoidectomy with tracheal resection & end to end anastomosis
  • Case of autonomous functioning thyroid nodule- Hemithyroidectomy
  • Case of Retrosternal MNG- Total thyroidectomy