ILBS – ECHO is an innovative healthcare program to develop capacity in physicians to effectively identify, treat and manage cases of acute & chronic liver related diseases, resulting in, and improved access of patients to a level of care equivalent to that provided in tertiary care health facility.

Collaboration between specialists at tertiary care health facility and physicians in rural / semi urban areas enables patients to receive state of the art healthcare from the professionals they know and trust in their own communities.

For clinicians, co-management of the complicated cases through discussing the same in this learning platform helps them in modifying & improving their own treatment protocols & practices in line with the latest advanced &standardized protocols to the ultimate benefit of their patients in clinical practice. This teaching learning program brings added depth and technical competencies amongst the doctors and reduces their professional isolation. With continued involvement clinicians become highly skilled in the treatment of liver disease, which have varied presentations and complicated treatment decisions, thus help themselves in creating a sort of Center of excellence in their own community of practitioners. The result is better quality and greater access to health-care for all.